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BUSINESS OWNERS: Get Ready To Start Hearing "YES!" A Lot More Often! Finding excited prospects to sell to just got a lot easier! We'll send you as many quality leads as you can handle!

  • Close more sales in less time.
  • Make the kind of money you know you're worth.
  • Get all the high-ticket prospects you want.
  • Be the one people think of when they're ready to buy.
  • Have your ideal audience front and center, willing to talk.

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    What is Online Marketing?

    Online Marketing is a confusing subject for many reasons. There are so many moving parts and options to choose from, it’s not even funny.

    There is never a single approach that works for everyone. Each business activity is different from one company to the next.

    That’s why the first thing that should be done is an evaluation of what your specific activity should do to increase the number of leads coming in.

    How It Works

    We're going to bring you as many leads as you want AND create long-term success for your business/career. Here's what we're going to do for you:



    You've probably heard "Your list is gold." This couldn't be more true. If you aren't continuously building your database of prospective clients, you will never have enough money. No worries, we will grow your list!



    The days of spamming social media connections are gone. Don't even try because it's damaging to your reputation. We will develop and nurture lasting relationships with your ideal audience.



    Even the largest companies promote regularly. They've learned the hard way that people quickly forget about them and sales crash. It's no different with you. We'll keep you in the minds of your potential customers.

    Online Marketing With An Understanding of Today's Consumer

    If you’re wondering why people have stopped responding to your promotional efforts, read on…  

    To assume that people never change is a big mistake in marketing. The fact is, consumers’ attitudes change all the time.

    Not knowing this is like trying to talk to a wall. Even worse, that “wall” (potential buyers) will go to your competition and become loyal fans of theirs!

    We’ll keep a pulse on your potential audience and cultivate an amazing reservoir of excited prospects for you. This is how we do it:

    • We will research your ideal audience and uncover their interests, needs and pain points.
    • We will reach out to them, on your behalf, and build rapport.
    • We will make relevant posts for you on a regular basis.
    • Your sales people will respond to the excited prospects who want what you have to offer.

    About SalesByLeads.com

    Meet the Key players of SalesByLeads.com

    SalesByLeads.com is a sister company of Writer Services, LLC [WriterServices.net]. As Writer Services helps entrepreneurs to position themselves and their products or services as the best by having written and published books, SalesByLeads.com was created out of the necessity for entrepreneurs to be established online. This is what makes it possible for long-term success through a steady flow of hot prospects (leads) who are looking for their services. And let’s not forget building your list. SalesByLeads.com is the perfect solution for any business. We do the tedious work, you simply make more sales.



    Certified Google Ads Specialist

    Tyler is a Certified Google Ads Specialist, trained to run Google Ads Campaigns. He's an expert at it and treats your ad spend like it were his own money. It's this kind of ethical sttandard that keeps our clients winning and with us month after month. .




    Loral is in charge of the company. She has many years of experience in running the offices of companies in both retail and service providers. She has always been in the background until now. Her background is in teaching and she's the perfect leader for our team. Her patience and knowledge of business is priceless to SalesByLeads.



    Marketing Manager

    Robert oversees our keyword research, search engine optimization (SEO), market research, audience research and more. He is extremely knowledgeable in all of these areas, and makes sure we get the data we need to make every project work for our clients.

    Here's How to Get Started!

    We have these cost-effective, time-saving options for discovering your next move to closing more sales...

    • Initial Consultation
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    • Discuss the Possibilities
    • 30-Minute Meeting
    • Q&A on Points of Interest
    • Determine BEST Next Move
    • Strategy Session
    • $250
    • Recommended
    • 60 Minute Strategy Call
    • Q&A on Points of Interest
    • Deep Dive Into Current Scene
    • Immediate Strategy to Improve Scene
    • Starter Marketing Plan
    • $997
    • Ready for Action
    • In-Depth Research
    • Market Research
    • Audience Research
    • Keyword Research
    • Evaluation
    • Solution

    Options Tailored to Your Specific Needs

    One size never fits all. You have specific goals and needs, and we have the right options that allow us to tailor fit your company's short- and long-term goals. This is all for bringing you more business and therefore, more sales!

    Online Establishment

    Potential customers need to know that you're legit and not just another thief trolling the Internet. They will look to see if you're prominently positioned across the Internet. The question is, will they see your competitors or you?

    Web Design

    Websites and landing pages are the "Rome" of your marketing efforts. All efforts should lead to your pages. There's no better way to convert onlookers into action-takers, build a list, and sell more on the backend. When done correctly, this is your secret weapon for long-term success and unlimited potential.

    Lead Generation

    Finding the right people to sell to is the #1 challenge in business. What would it mean to you to 10X your close rate? Having the right people to talk to makes the difference. We'll bring you as many leads as you want.

    Social Media Interaction

    Social Media has not been understood from a marketing standpoint. The wrong audience drive Sales teams into apathy. Nurture relationships, position as THE expert, remain on the minds of your audience, magnetize your ideal customer, while repelling the undesirable ones, is what gives a constant stream of hot leads.

    Sales Consulting

    When in the thick of things it's hard to see what's really going on. WHY isn't Sales closing more? WHAT caused sales to go up? These and other points have to be realized. With someone exterior from the scene, it's possible.

    Conversion Optimization

    Marketing solves the mystery of "How do we get more _________?" What solves Marketing is Optimization. Otherwise, money is left on the table for your competitors. Optimizing comes from testing and statistics. What improves, we strengthen. What worsens, we stop doing. This is key to a successful campaign.

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