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The 4 Ps of Business Success

How do we stay in control of an out-of-control economy? 

When our government prints trillions of worthless paper that’s backed by nothing but false promises, and the dollar’s value plummets, how do we as business owners still make ends meet and stay afloat?

What do we do when the people we sell to are afraid to spend money because of uncertain times?

The fact is, there’s always something challenging us. As entrepreneurs, we signed up for a battle on the first day we hung out the shingle that says, “We’re Open”. 

To get upset about “not enough sales” or blame the economy for a “drop in income” won’t allow for a remedy. Only an attitude that something can be done to improve the scene will.

Belief is important but only goes so far as to look outside your area for solutions. We have to then keep doing new things we’ve yet to try in order to uncover a real solution.

Try we must, but without strategy and planning from knowledgeable individuals, the trial-and-error becomes a long, arduous road of guesswork. 

With time not on our side, when it comes to paying the bills and meeting the budget, it becomes a serious

matter of do or die in a business.

So, with a little purpose, presence, persistence and planning, the odds increase one hundredfold that you will achieve all you set out to when you hung your shingle.


With something important to achieve that is bigger than ourselves, purpose will automatically bring out your passion. 


The basic requirement to any activity is showing up.


Keeping your nose to the grindstone, as the saying goes, is key.


Planning coordinates and directs all efforts in an aligned fashion. 

With these 4 Ps, anything becomes possible. And your potential to succeed is enormous.

Taking this information and applying it means placing the right people around you. The temptation to do too much yourself ends here. It doesn’t work, no matter how much money you think you’re saving by doing it yourself.

Your ideal support team should look something like this:

– A mentor who has achieved what you’re presently working to make happen 
– One or more crackerjack salespersons excited about what you have to offer
– A marketing team who can bring you the right prospective customers without breaking the bank.

And here’s importance #1 for all of them…they have to agree with your purpose/mission and be willing to go to the ends of the earth to get their job done to fulfill the overall purpose. 

If you’ve hired people or retained the services of companies before, then you know that it isn’t easy to find people who fit the bill. 

Most individuals and companies, desperate to make ends meet, are too preoccupied to be all that excited about “your” mission. Sadly, their mission statements don’t include the customers they are supposed to be supporting. In other words, they’re in it for themselves. 

Therefore, the intelligent way to approach building your team is to create a trial performance period. As you also likely know, people can tell a good story, but when it comes to walking the walk, they fall flat. So set a trial performance period. 

This requires you to be willing to invest a minimum of 3 to 6 months. Otherwise you won’t give anyone adequate time to ramp up, and you might be giving up on an amazing person or company who could do great things with you.

So, be willing to: 

1. apply the 4 Ps to your business endeavor 
2. include a performance period
3. give people who show great promise adequate time to begin to shine. 

Don’t expect the world from them within 3-6 months, but you will know whether you’re being bamboozled by a fraud or have a gem in your midsts.

Robert Nahas is the founder and CEO of multiple solution-oriented companies over the past 40 years. His latest is SalesByLeads that was established out of the need for businesses to make more sales through the right kind of customers you should be selling to.

“Give SalesByLeads a try. I have confidence that we will only take on a business that excites the heck out of us. If we don’t get excited over your passion, we won’t waste your time or hard-earned money.” 
—Robert Nahas, CEO


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